How To Contribute Content To This Site

It is pretty simple to become a contributor to this site. You will first need to register as a user. If you scroll to the last section of the sidebar menu entitled “Meta”, the first link is the register link. Click register, complete the two fields and then check your email for further registration information. (The email will come from [email protected]) When choosing a Username, we suggest using your first and last name (capitalizing the first letter of each) with no space between them, ie. JohnDoe. Indicate the email address that you wish this site to use when sending information to you and click on the Blue Register Button and You’re Done!


Once you receive your email, be sure to keep it for future reference to your login information. You will be given a live link to the login page for this site. We suggest that once you arrive on that page, put it in your favorites for future reference and ease of contributing. Fill in your username your password and LOGIN.

Now that you are logged in, you will want to do one thing before exploring your DASHBOARD (The landing Page after login) here at our WordPress site. You need to open the Profile tab on the left sidebar menu. This is where you can customize things like the Color Scheme of your DASHBOARD and change or customize your personal information including creating your own login password. The password you received in your email is meant to be a temporary password for your first login attempts. We highly recommend that you make your own password for security, after all, you don’t want others to be able to post information that hasn’t come from you!(Don’t worry, if you lose or forget your login password, you can always have the site email it to you by using clicking the “Lost your password?” link on the login page.)

This is VERY IMPORTANT. There is NOTHING that you can “mess up” (that administration can’t fix) when you are working in your DASHBOARD so have a good time! When you are on your DASHBOARD page, you will see a small, dark “toolbar” that runs across the top of the page from side to side. From left to right, you will see the WordPress Logo, an icon of a small house (represents Home), an icon for comments awaiting moderation, a + NEW link and clear over to the right, your username. Hover your mouse over any and you will get a drop down menu for further navigation. Clicking any links on this tool bar will take you to view other pages of the blog admin or the blog itself. To return to your DASHBOARD, just click the BACK Arrow or Button on your browser until you come back to your DASHBOARD. To log out of your admin DASHBOARD, use the drop down menu, far right side of the tool bar. Your user authority defaults to “Contributor” which is a very limited authority. Basically, you will be allowed to customize your profile, read site comments that have been published or are awaiting moderation and POST content that you wish to share. All posting will be reviewed by admin before it is allowed to be publicly published. Just write your hearts out and enjoy your participation here at BCRASprints!


If you get stuck or confused, you can contact admin using the contact info section or call toll free at 888-820-2357 and Randy will help!


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