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Blogs have many different “Themes” that are used to make a site attractive and easily navigated. Think about our Theme as the “big picture” of the site. We have designed a “Theme” for this Blog site that contains a Header, Footer, Reading Pane and a Right Sidebar.

The Header is at the top of each page that you see. It could be seen as similar to a book front cover. The Footer is at the bottom of each page and could be seen as the back cover to a book.

The Reading Pane (nearly the left 2/3rds. of page) is the largest section of each page you see and this is where all content is published for our viewers.

Last but not least, is the Right Sidebar where you will find the site “Menu”. For navigation purposes, this is probably the most important section of the site for you, our viewers. As you hover your mouse curser over any individual item, the color will change and by clicking it, you will arrive at a page with that title.

You can type a word, name or subject (search strings) into the search field found at the top of the right side bar, click on search, and all info published related to your “search strings” will come up.


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Gary Wolfe

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