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When we decided to build this web site, we had several things in mind. We wanted to have a venue where people could get information about the BCRA and we wanted a venue where people could not only comment on information found here but also, contribute information that is relevant to the association and it’s members.

We decided to build this site on what is known as a Blog Platform, which allows managed interaction between the site owners, outside contributors and visitors as well.

Blog platforms are not generally hard to understand once a viewer is aware of and has some directions about how to navigate and participate either through comment or article submissions.

We have attempted to guide our viewers with this menu section to information about “How To Use” this site. If you have difficulty understanding or navigating after reading the pages in this section, please contact Randy May, site administrator for further help if needed.

I see a Blog Platform as similar to a book. The Blog is a document where the author or publisher has gathered information (content) together to present it in an organized form to the readers. We use Pages and Posts for sharing content. Pages are designed by the site owner and include written content as well as photo images, graphics and even embedded video clips. Pages in a Blog Platform are managed solely by the administrator of the Blog and can not be published by anyone other than persons with administration authority, which is controlled by the site administer.

Posts are similar to pages, as they can contain written content, images, graphics and video clips, yet a post may be published by anyone who has registered as a user on this site. All Posts that are submitted have to be approved by the administrator before the content will be public.

You can type a word, name or subject into the search field found at the top of the right side bar, click on search, and all info related to your search “strings” will come up.


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Gary Wolfe


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  1. Hello Randy
    First, I would like permission to include an article written by Jack Houseman, who I believe to be a BCRA member. I edit the WRA newsletter and would like to share his thoughts covered in his “What’s the Beef?”

    Also, I now own a Trostle that was once driven by Ralph Parkinson, likely Jr. #37 last picture I have. It was in the Knoxville HOF. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
    Can you help with either or both questions?
    Dave Sweeney, WRA VP, Treas, WRAPUP ed Webmaster. (they really found a patsy!) dbsweeney22@yahoo.com

    1. Hi Dave,
      Thanks for communicating with us here at BCRASprints.com. I suggest that you give BCRA Historian Gary Wolfe a phone call to discuss your questions more in detail. His phone number is (308) 325-5455. Thanks again!

      Randy May, admin

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